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Praesent eget eros felis. Cras elementum pulvinar est, non imperdiet magna placerat eget. Integer ultricies, arcu id auctor pharetraCras eget augue vitae neque euismod congue quis non erat. Praesent eget eros felis.


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Cras eget augue vitae neque euismod congue quis non erat. Praesent eget eros felis. Cras elementum pulvinar est, non imperdiet magna placerat eget. Integer ultricies, arcu id auctor pharetra, magna odio commodo elit, eleifend rhoncus risus orci et odio. Nullam consequat dignissim sem vitae ultrices. Suspendisse potenti. Sed nec elit at velit fringilla eleifend. Curabitur fringilla, elit sed pretium porta, urna risus suscipit leo, non iaculis urna arcu sit amet lectus. Cras eget augue vitae neque euismod congue quis non erat. Praesent eget eros felis. Cras elementum pulvinar est, non imperdiet magna placerat eget. Integer ultricies, arcu id auctor pharetraCras eget augue vitae neque euismod congue quis non erat. Praesent eget eros felis.

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  2. Jullie kachel is zo stoer! Heb nu ook een kacheltje waarop ik ook wil gaan koken, in de tent ging het al best goed maar zonde om het ding maar zo weinig te gebruiken… Maar in de winter, zit je dan ook buiten? Of loop je steeds naar buiten dan? Of gewoon lekker langzamegeenomkijkennaar-stoofpotjes? Ben benieuwd :)

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  4. My dear friend, this is a wonderful site! I had no idea you were doing this – it’s just lovely and you are quite the photographer! I can just *see* you in your garden and in the woods with your camera. I hope publishing a book of photos and commentary on, say, island vegetative oddities, (and I don’t mean the two-legged sort) might be in the offing in the near future. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit here – *you* are so much in evidence in the photos and the words. I’ll be in touch soon.

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  12. Does Obama have anything to do with which roads are/are not closing? Aren’t the same police, FBI and other agencies that have been in charge of security, roads, etc. during inaugurations still in charge? Why are you using this as a tirade against him?I’m not suggesting that you should like him but, come on, why not blame the weather on him too? You often make some good points but here you are really hurting your credibility.

  13. I have had beans fresh and dry but never that in-between bean. We read your post early this morning and both thought that your “Lazy Gardener’s Redemption Dish” was right up our alley.By the way, I was wondering, do you have a henway?

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  17. Im sorry guys, but the milk is bad. Even the “fresh” one. For me, norwegian milk is the normal, and this tastes bad in comparison. Might also go the other way. That is for you to answer Fernando.But milk is almost the only think I have not liked when it comes to food and drinks here… So don’t take it as an insult

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  23. I think the grapes are wonderfully photogenic…keeping my fingers crossed that this year’s vintage works out!The cold rain should reach us tomorrow, though we’re not expecting frost. All inside work is being delayed until then, so we can Make Play While the Sun Shines…(Ugh, I know )

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  28. Question since this data will be used to assist in funding issues, might someone questions the results based on the fact that the data is suppose to be as of April 1st and people are mailing in their forms prior to that date. It probably won’t change most people’s answers but technically can you consider the data valid if it is mail before April 1. I noticed that Illinois had already received almost 50% of their responses. Maybe all census’ are run this way I just don’t know but if not this issue of dates could turn out to be a problem.

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  33. Thanks for this video…I have been brain storming for something just like this and thanks to you I have what I was looking for and not all those spam looking links that make you want to click them just to see what they lead too…my pet peave.

  34. ozoneblueJune 22, 2012 at 12:37 pmHey OB,I don’t quite understand “the hierarchical redress logic behind the NDR” – it may be that the architects were bored when the wrote that.I do, though, understand the “redress logic” behind race in South Africa.It goes like this :If god did not want people to have enemies, it would not have created WHITE people.If god did not want Indian people, it would have created sugarcane which cuts itself.If god did not want Coloured people then Jimmy Manyi would have been its first-born.

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  41. Logic, coherence and scorecards are tools of the Dead White European Male Hegemonic Patriarchy employed for the oppression and persecution of the enlightened people who glean knowledge of the essence of the Universal All from the ether emanating from the Goddess.I think I got a brain cramp writing that.

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  43. Impeachment is equal to indictment — not removal from office. Obama (constitutional scholar that he is) should understand that. And the founders created it as a check on the power of a runaway executive. Obama should know that too.If Cheney and/or Bush are not subjected to impeachment now (if not conviction) then future presidents will be emboldened to grab even more power the next time.

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  47. I've managed to read the linked NYT article until the words "major Palestinian shifts" growled at me with bared fangs. No further comments about that, as none are really needed here. May I politely point out  to mr. Cohen that countries and governments are not waiitng for his brilliant  pink-ish articles to tell them what to do. Iran has already half-shifted from the teetering Assad regime to the Hamas in Gaza, strengthening ties with Haniyeh in spite of Hamas' leadership abroad. Guess the man never heard the one about the ship and the mice…

  48. To address one of Mikes points: (part 1)"Come clean," by cutting out Eric ( the red) Holder from office, as a traitor to America.The Att. General of the USA is rouge, dirty and has been on the edge of treason from day one. He's exactly what POTUS wanted as Fatwa, was declared on American law, States' Rights an obstruction for justice as examples in archives, on this website.This new age Benedict Arnold is a traitor, and the F & F scandal makes Watergate look like an outdated cartoon.

  49. Dave, there was a reason why I put the phrase “to give an example” between those parentheses up there. And the reason for those words was to indicate clearly (I thought) that the whole “left-right” schema was given not as a DESCRIPTION of THIS situation, but rather as an EXAMPLE of ANOTHER situation that could illustrate the idea that sometimes those tolerant in one direction are precisely those who exclude in the other direction.

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  55. I love your idealism. And, at least for my part, I'm not so interested in being anonymous (though that can be fun sometimes). I just like the idea of being able to choose whether or not my comments are mini-blogged.

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  57. Asshole @4:51There is no way you are that big of a fucking idiot. Interpretation? Facts are funny things Anon Asshole. The Fact is that the SCOTUS ruling in MvH is law, and neither these fools in Illinois our you get to "interpret" anything.Just not possible that you're such a fucking idiot as to suggest that somehow you get to interpret NBC. Put up or shut up asshole.Go fuck yourself and take these Illinois Obama rumpswabs with you.

  58. My attention was arrested by the Cnemiornis Calcitrans since my first thought was “moa skeleton!” but it is a goose, whereas moas are dinornis. Of course, considering the actual heft of moa leg bones, there’s no way one should confuse the two… (am I getting incoherent? evidently, and I blame the train conductor who woke me and interrogated me at 2:00 last night) But when you have the Royal Society of New Zealand, come to mind rather than geese. Ah well.

  59. Oh my you caught me! I came back to get a second peak at your new fella here… I mean the song… hehehe you know what I mean, and I reread your Post and OOOPS you forgot one of our new conductors and our Honorary Conductor, which is Cathy Kennedy and our Honorary Conductor use to be one of our co-conductors Larry from CAKEBLAST! Just to set the record straight! heheheh but I'm sure they forgive you! You're such a honey! THANKS ROCK ON!

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  62. Great stuff. I wonder about laying the entire blame on the left, however. I think there are too many power interests that span left and right, and foster the turmoil. On immigration, for example, the right likes the cheap labor and the left likes the political support. But mostly you make trenchant comments that are seen almost nowhere else.

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  64. If dyslexia is truly a “neurobiological” condition, then it should be incurable, and symptoms should persist after remediation. But many tutors claim they can teach any “dyslexic” to read, and fMRI scans on “dyslexics” return to “normal” after these children learn to read. Time should tell if this is a real condition or not.

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  66. Hi Lori,I made the chocolate snowballs two days ago. I was one of those people that ended up with a goopy balls. Eww, that sounds gross. lolI finally decide to whip up some butter & sugar, added eggs & vanilla, then the snowball concoction, flour, salt & baking soda to create two beautiful, rich, fluffy loaves of bread. I can't wait to take a few photos tomorrow and show you.

  67. Sono con Voi…….il GABRIO lo conosco bene (sono di Torino, ma adesso vivo in Irlanda), bisogna tornare ad occuparci delle nostre strade, i fascisti stanno prendendo troppo spazio, respirano di nuovo……da lontano sono nella lotta con Voi e con tutti gli ANTI-FASCISTI !!!! Un abbraccio ai due compagni attaccati !!!!ORA E SEMPRE ANTI-FASCISMO MILITANTE !!!!

  68. Thanks for the wonderful website. We live in south Louisiana. We planted a ‘bottle brush’ bush about twenty years ago. The blooms are bright red and look like a brush. It blooms most of the summer. The little hummers love it. I also have feeds.

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